My Next Move…Want Your Opinion!!!

So, I’m trying to discern what my next goal (race) should be. I know I want to set a goal and register for a race. I have learned that I’m much more motivated to keep with a program if I actually set a goal. My dilemma is I’m just not sure what to do next. I’ve been mulling it over the last couple days, as I’m wont to do, but still not sure. So, I thought I would put it down on paper (okay, the screen) and maybe that would help bring some clarity to the right decision for me at this time. I do feel a sense of urgency to make this decision because the training programs of the fall races I’m interested are starting like now.

These are the options so far:

1. Run the Akron 1/2 marathon on Sat, Sept 24. This is totally doable time-wise as the program is 14 weeks. The pro is that it is a new course for me, a distance I’ve already run successfully so it could build my confidence. The con is that I’ve already done 13.1 miles and might want a new challenge. Cut to #2.

2. Run the Akron FULL marathon on Sat, Sept 24. Just thinking about this makes my heart beat faster!! So exciting to be able to do a full. I definitely would like to check this off the bucket list sooner than later. The pros for this is that it is a cool course, a well organized local race and you get a sweet jacket! Not to mention the thrill of just doing this and of course getting the 26.2 sticker for the car. The cons are the amount of time for training – it is a little on the short side. The program I found for beginners is 20 weeks and I have only 17. So, I’d be 3 week’s short – and just start 3 weeks in, I imagine. Plus, the whole fear factor thing. The “OMG that is a long time to run” factor. But, that is what I said going into training for the half. The added complexity to this is the “if not now, when?” factor. I’ve decided that training for a full would be more doable for me for a fall race, when the weather is more favorable for outside long runs. I am too much of a baby in the winter and we all know my track record for indoor tracks and my strong dislike of treadmills. This would mean that my next shot at a full would not be until next year at this time. I’m not getting any younger, ya know!

3. Run the Columbus FULL marathon on Sun, Oct 16. Now, this date would definitely work with the 20 week training program. That is a definite pro. My sister also lives in Columbus so that would be cool! I also know a woman (and her friends) who is running it and I also like that it is a Sunday race. The only con I can think of really is that it is not local (well that and the whole fear thing). I would have to travel, albeit not very far, to go to it. But I could probably stay with my sis and fam. It also could be kind of chilly in mid-October and you don’t get a cool jacket as a give-away.

4. Run the “Stomp the Grapes” 1/2 marathon on Sat, Nov 5 in Hartville, OH – This sounds really fun! First off, you get a couple of glasses of wine after the race – need I say more! The race starts and ends at a winery so that just sounds like fun. I think I know someone that has done this one before and liked it. The distance is doable and obviously there is enough time for training. The con is that it is almost too far away. November feels really far away and it could be really chilly then too. But, then again, there is the wine.

Ugh. Just not sure what to do and I’m looking for opinions. If you have an opinion, please share it with me. And no, option #5 – “doing nothing but sit on my ass” is not an option, so don’t even suggest that!! Maybe the option with the most votes will win!!

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