Stinky Noisy Yoga

I did yoga at lunch today – the first activity since the big race on Sunday. It felt great to be doing something! I’m following my recovery program which calls for lots of days of rest mixed with some days of cross training this first week. Saturday finally calls for a 3 mile run so that will be good. True to form I’m going to stick with this recovery program – it is four weeks long. During that time I’m going to figure out what my next goal will be….

Meanwhile today’s session was interesting because I had two distractions…a woman who continually popped her gum during class and a man who stunk badly of body odor. Now, first I don’t know how the woman could manage to chew gum while practicing yoga. But, it was pretty loud and annoying. Second, the man wasn’t just regular sweaty and smelly. I mean I don’t judge anyone on the sweat factor – as we know I’m a sweaty girl, myself, so more power to you! I mean he came in stinking already…he had dred-locks (again, not judging – after all I went to Ohio University with many awesome hippies) and looked (and smelled) like he hadn’t showered in awhile (a long while). Now this might be okay for another type of group exercise class, but for a class that is very focused on BREATHING, it is not that pleasant to breathe in unpleasant odors for the whole class. Yes, a little distracting. However, I managed to have a good workout and a good experience in spite of these factors.

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