Do the Math: The Final Chapter…for now!

Okay, so I need to include the final chapter of my training tracker summary.

In weeks 9 – 14, this is what I did:

Worked out 30 times (skipped 6 workouts either to rest or to help heal an injury)
Did 7 Bootcamp classes at Life Center
Did 6 Yoga classes (ahhhh)
Swam 35 minutes at Life Center
Did 30 minutes on the elliptical at Life Center
Ran a total of 84.38 miles

So first week running total: 56.74 miles
Second week: 64.13 miles
Third week: 84.38 miles

Grand total for the 14 weeks of training: 205.25 miles

Wow, I wonder how many those full marathoner’s ran during training? Double??!!

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