>The Intimidation Factor

>I went to Vertical Runner to buy two new pairs of shoes last night. I got to talking with the woman who was helping me and I found out she had run 11 miles earlier that day. I asked her if she was training for something and she mentioned some short race this weekend, but then added, “but I do have a 50K in April. I guess I need to get on that. I probably should run 20 tomorrow…or actually 25.”

I just looked at her and blinked. Color me impressed/intimidated. All I could really say is “that is really awesome”. I suddenly felt like the nerdy kid talking to the popular girl. Clearly I was totally out of her league. What was I even doing in a running store anyways??!! She was very nice and helpful. My feelings of being intimidated and feeling out of place were clearly mine and I own that. I later found out that she had only been running for 10 years (she was probably in her mid to late 40’s I would guess) and she has worked her way up to where she is now. She assured me that it was just a “different kind of running.” So I finally relaxed a bit, but I still felt uneasy in the store and was anxious to bug out. This is so weird. It is like I didn’t feel like I deserved to shop there…that it is only for hard-core runners. Like, is there a store just for the beginners? That is where I need to be!

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  1. >You belong there! I bought the yak trax for my hiking shoes there and felt the same way. Everyone there had to start at the beginning right? For some people this IS their life's goal (over and over and over again). Others do it casually and others yet are starting out. You belong there!

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