>Eat Dead & Dying Things

>Okay, a little gross, I admit. But I had this realization at lunch today that a really good rule of thumb in terms of eating healthy is to eat things that are dying, used to be alive and/or will eventually go bad. Morbid and a bit yucky to think about I admit, but think about it. All the good stuff, the filling foods, the super foods, whatever you want to call it this week – all of that stuff has a shelf life that is not too long. I mean I have heard people joke about how they can’t seem to keep vegetables in the fridge, but that’s just it – they aren’t meant to be “kept” there, but eaten! Today for lunch I made a big salad from assorted veggies, some artizan lettuces and I threw some turkey on for protein. I also had a cup of lentil soup, from a can – Progresso. Yes, technically it is processed, but it is still good protein!! But I digress.. So, here is the exception – beans! Beans can be shelved for awhile, but I’m not sure how long?? For the most part this rule still holds true…peaches, yes-they go bad; twinkies -not so much; salmon – was once alive; cookies – not so much. See how that works?? Am I a genius or what??!! Don’t answer that. Just grab some milk…but check the date first!!!!

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  1. >I don't eat meat (not a PETA person just some serious medical issues didn't allow me to digest proteins) and now you have all but assured I may give up fish too! LOL! I get it – but your epiphany made me a little nauseous.

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