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>Okay, so I’m not even going to pretend that this blog entry is NOT a shameless plug for my book, because it is! And yes, I published it on a self-publishing site, but – so what!!! It is still pretty cool if I do say so myself. Some of you know that I did print a draft of the book that was, shall we say, “sub-par”. That is if you want page numbers to correspond with the right pages and fonts to match. Whatever – details, details! I’m a writer and not an editor, people! I was just too impatient to wait anymore so I had a few copies printed in its “draft” form. Those are now for archival purposes.

HOWEVER – the kinks are worked out, it has been thoroughly proofed again and the final product is available for the public at large (no pun intended…its about weight loss) to enjoy!

Where can you find it, Lisa? Glad you asked. You can go to www.lulu.com and search for the title of the book, “Losing to Gain”. You can either download it for like $5.99 or purchase your very own printed copy for $15.94. Or you can tell me you want one and I can get one for you for like $10.

So, commercial over. Just had to share!

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