>The Only Thing Permanent is Change

>So, I just completed my second week on the new Points Plus Weight Watchers program. Basically, the points are now calculated using carbs, fat, fiber and protein rather than just calories, fat and fiber like before. The daily point allowance has increased as well as the weekly point allowance, but the point value of most foods has increased too. It basically turns out to be a wash except with foods that are higher in carbs. The one really good thing is that now all fruit is 0 points which is very cool. Keep those grapes and bananas coming!

At first I wanted to fight the new changes. I mean, I lost my weight with the old program and it worked just fine, right? Yes. However, I’m starting to realize that this new change is an opportunity to relearn some things – maybe some things that I had forgotten. Plus it really does seem to be healthier, taking into account carbs and protein. Like any other change it just takes a little time and patience. I can do that. So, I’m still sold on the program and I’m convinced – you can teach an old WW dog new tricks!!!

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