>Proud to be…Pain Free!

>Great news! I ran this morning with no pain in my foot! Yahoo!! It was the first time I have run a considerable distance since being on the mend from my Achilles tendon injury the end of October. I mean, I’ve done a little bit in the boot camp class, but just a few laps. It felt SO good to run again. And yes, I did what I was advised to do – I warmed up a bit before running. I walked around the track once and then joined in on a kick-boxing class for about 10 minutes. Then I ran for only 20 minutes – I figure it was about 2 miles. I could have gone longer, but I wanted to ease myself back into it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is just nothing like running as an overall workout. I admit I feel great after boot camp too, but it is a different feeling. Running is the bomb and I’m so glad I let my body heal so now I can do it again. I registered for a 5K on New Year’s Eve outside which should be fun! The give-away is a blanket so I’m totally in!

Oh, by the way, “Ms. Chatty” from boot camp was at Life Center this morning. This time she was chatting with someone walking on the track…while drinking coffee. Really? I rank that right up there with talking on the cell phone while walking on the track. If you can drink coffee while walking I think you no longer need a fitness center. At that point I would really just recommend hitting the mall circuit. Just sayin’…

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