>Top 10 Reasons I’m Still a Life-er!

>I’m celebrating an anniversary! A year ago yesterday – the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend – I became a lifetime member with Weight Watchers – for the third and final time in my life! After a year of maintaining at your goal weight as a Lifetime member, you get another key. Very cool. More than earning another trinket (even though I love getting the trinkets), was the fact that I’ve maintained at my goal weight for a year! This is the first time I’ve done this. The other two times I’ve reached lifetime with the program, I eventually quit going to meetings, quit tracking and just thought of the whole thing as “done”. Slowly, but surely the weight came back on.

As I shared in my meeting yesterday, the following things have helped me make it to this new milestone.
1. Going to my meetings – this has been such a huge support and way for me to hold myself accountable. The people who attend the 7:30 Sat am meetings are top notch people and top notch motivators and friends.
2. Exercise/Activity – This has been absolutely critical to my success. It not only helps keep me trim, but also helps my stress level so I’m not driven to want to mindlessly eat anymore.

Thinking more about this over the weekend I’ve come up with 8 other things that I do on a regular basis that I would say contribute to my success:
3. Tracking – I still write everything down that I eat every day – that accountability piece is really important
4. Variety – I like to change up my menu, try new things and cook!
5. Limit the processed foods – I try to eat lots of “filling foods” – whole grains, fruits, veggies and limit the “foods” that come wrapped in paper and are found in middle of the grocery store.
6. Week Management – I plan my menu a week at a time and do my grocery shopping accordingly. I use my 35 extra points to treat myself to things I especially like or want.
7. Understand real hunger – I understand when my body is actually physically hungry and when it is hungry from emotional hunger instead and can make informed decisions that way.
8. Drink, Drink, and Drink – water! Enough said.
9. Recognize that this is a lifelong journey and NOT a destination. It is work (but fun work) to do for the rest of my life and I’m worth spending the money on good and healthy food!
10. Understand I’m not perfect and forgive myself! This is one of the other keys to my success. It is not about if/when I screw up, but it is ALL about what happens next that really counts.

So, there you go. That is my top 10 for tonight. Here’s to starting my 2nd “Lifetime” year!!! I look forward to the challenges and rewards along the way!

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