>The Perfect Storm

>I’m sore. I mean, my body is sore. More to the point my leg muscles are sore. Now, I’m not talking, I-pulled-a-muscle sore, or, I-over-did-it-at-the-gym sore. I’m talking sore as in I-went-on-a-white-water-rafting-trip-yesterday sore. Because I have done that before and ouch.

Now to what can I attribute this muscle discomfort at every step? Well, as far as I can determine it was the total impact of three activities that culminated in this pain. First, as you may recall, I went to a cool boot camp thing bright and early last Wednesday am. I felt that the next day and still felt it on Friday. Then, to add insult to injury I did my first Jillian Michaels DVD on Saturday am. I felt that workout a bit the next day, but just in time for my nephew’s birthday party at “SkyZone” which is a gianormous trampoline place. This was the icing on the cake. Truly. I jumped, of course. Duh. But not just your standard jumping. Oh no. Once I realized that this was definitely a workout kind of thing, I began to get really into it and jumped higher and higher and did the splits more and more, showing off a bit in front of the teenage “staff” people on duty. They were ultra-impressed by my gymnastic ability. I could tell by how they were staring at me. I know they certainly didn’t think I was a creepy 40-something hooting and hollering like a lunatic. No, they were really impressed. That must have been why they were encouraging all the little kids to stay outta my way. Yeah, that was it.

Anyway, I digress…

So, cut to this am as I wake up sore as sore can be! Ugh – I was a victim of the perfect storm!!! The tri-fecta affect has done me in! Not to mention that I also re-aggravated my Achilles tendon injury a bit. But, hey, I wasn’t running! I mean, come on, what is a little jumping gonna hurt?! It is low-impact!! Ouch. Okay, I’ve learned my lesson, yet again. Not gonna do any activity for another full week and two days! Thinking instead about the long term…and wishing for calmer seas!!!

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