>I Need an Attitude Adjustment…

>Or a good run! Ugh! Today I feel like the odds are against me. I finally got up the gumption to go run and I get to the locker room and forget my combination. Seriously. Who does this?? I tried for 10 minutes and finally just gave up – defeated. I came up to get it from my purse in my office in order to give it another try and then my foot started hurting and that was all I needed to bag it entirely. Not meant to be I guess. I’m just sick and tired of a bunch of things! Maybe if I vent them all here, I can leave them here and frickin’ move-on! I apologize now if this is a negative entry, but it is my blog after all so here goes:

These are the things I’m sick and tired of:
1. Coughing! I’ve had this annoying cough for weeks and can’t shake it even though I’m on an antibiotic. Seriously at times I sound like I smoke 1 1/2 packs a day.
2. My hurting foot – heal already!
3. Paying at WW – I want to get back to my goal weight and just stay there.
4. (related to #1) Not being able to taste my food because of this sinus or whatever thing I have. That just sucks as I kinda enjoy food as you know.
5. Feeling constantly on the treadmill of life that just doesn’t stop. The to-do lists just get longer and time marches on…
6. My own attitude! I’m depressing myself as I read this! I just need to get those endorphins going again!

Okay, Lisa’s Pity Party of One is now OVER!

One thought on “>I Need an Attitude Adjustment…”

  1. >Good job, Lisa! I think putting out is a release. I was called a negative Nellie by someone which I found pretty funny. I'm really & truly not. Once I let it go, I have let it go….what I find is that the more something means to me the harder it is to talk about & thus, it stays longer. Letting go is cathartic. You are a positive person & you will get back to where you want to be. I have faith in you. Look how far you've come!!

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