>Enthusiasm vs. Dread

>Today’s topic at my Weight Watcher’s meeting was just right for me. In spite of my great run in 90+ heat the other day, I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated for my runs lately. Today we talked about activity and how your attitude towards it can really change your experience. Duh. Of course that makes total sense and I know that, but, yet again I needed to hear that message again. I think lately I’ve been thinking about it with dread and not enthusiasm. I mean, I’m alive! I’m able-bodied and blessed to be able to move! I should celebrate that!

So I took it to the street when I got home. I set my ipod to 5K (goin metric!!) and ran. It was beautiful this morning – breezy and cool with a little sun. I ran it in just over 30 minutes without any walking! This is indeed an accomplishment because lately I’ve been walking at least a couple of times along the way…probably mostly because of the heat, but also because of attitude. Oh, I also “owned” the hills today. At times I’ve given in and walked when I’ve approached hills, but today I won and kept going. A lot of it is really mind over matter, I’ve discovered. In order to keep that enthusiasm rather than the dread I’ve developed some phrases/mantras that I repeat to myself as I run. Mostly in my head, but sometimes I say them out loud. Some of my favorites are the following:

“Strong and Steady”
“If not you, who?”
“The more you move, the more you lose” (got this one today!)

And of course there is always the standard pep talk stuff: “You got this”, “You are awesome”, “You are…insert positive adjective here”

So next time you need an extra push to find your mojo to do your activity…find your own mantra or borrow one of mine. Come on, if not you, who??!!

>Goin’ metric

>So I ran yesterday at lunch. Outside. In 90 degree heat. And it was AWESOME! The one good thing about running after not running for a few days is that it generally is a great run and I feel good before, during and after the run. Well, this one didn’t disappoint either. That is, after a weird start. After I remembered that I signed up for a 5K on Labor Day – this Monday – I decided to use the 5K setting on my ipod rather than set it for 3 miles. So during the run, the little announcer woman (I can’t remember what I named her), told me when I got 1K into it, etc. All of a sudden she is telling me I’m at the half-way point, but it was only at 1.5K. What?? I’m no math major, but I do know that 5 divided by 2 is not 1.5. Sweating and puzzled, I figured that I must have hit the 3K setting rather than the 5K setting since I’m so used to setting for 3 miles…3 on the brain. Turns out – that is exactly what I did! So, now what should I do…just run the 3K for the day? Walk back? Or add some distance for a different challenge?

I decided to run the full 3K and when I completed that I would just turn around and run back for a total of, you got it – 6K. Wow, a certified math genius. So, I did it! I walked a tad, but after all it was a billion degrees. I figured out later that 6K is around 3.7 miles. Sweet. I think I’m going to use the metric settings more often. For some reason it felt like a shorter distance. I’m not sure why that is, but I might become a convert. Just don’t ask me how many liters are in a gallon.