>The Rain Run

>So picture this…sitting at my desk at around 12:02pm today realizing that 1) my iPod was not charged (even though half the time it is useless anyways), 2) a full afternoon of meetings ahead of me, plus an evening speaker, 3) it is raining outside…not just spitting, but off and on all out raining. The temp is in the 60’s. Now, I did plan a little ahead for a rain run this morning before I left this morning and grabbed a windbreaker (can we still call them that or is that an 80’s expression??). Anywho, I grabbed pants and an “athletic rain jacket” of sorts in preparation for a run in the rain. So, what do I do…play on facebook and eat lunch or go out there?????

I grabbed my bag (sans iPod) without thinking too much and went. And, I was so pleasantly surprised. I was prepared to be kinda miserable, but it was actually kinda fun and turned out to be a really good run. I was only chilly for about 2 minutes and then the rain just felt really good. I mean, I’m sweaty anyways so additional water is not really a big deal. I started with the hood on, but then realized that was a losing battle with this particular jacket, so I just gave into it. It is amazing how much more enjoyable things are when you just give into it – totally surrender to the experience. I got totally soaked, but it was so refreshing. Without my iPod I didn’t have my music, but it was cool to just hear the rain, my breathing, and of course, all the cars rushing by…but even that had a certain rhythm and sound that was different from a dry day. I didn’t have my iPod to track my run, but I just ran by feel and I bet I did just about 3 miles. There was definitely a certain freedom without having to worry about that damn thing. Just me and the pavement.

So lesson learned today…I don’t always need technology to motivate me. I can motivate myself. Wow. Perhaps that is even a more powerful source of motivation. And, rainy days aren’t always bad. There – lemons into lemonade.

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