>Over 40, but under 30!

>So I met my goal this morning! Yahoo! I ran the 5K for Footprints for Fatima as part of JCU Homecoming and set a personal record! My time as 29:44!! For those of you keeping track at home, last year this same race was my first 5K ever and I ran it in 32:17 so I’m pretty excited that I did a lot better. I did not win anything in my age bracket (not like last year’s win by default), but I wanted to be under 30 minutes and I achieved it. Reaching a personal goal is better than winning anything. At first I was pretty intimidated by all the young pup students running, but I tried to put that out of my mind. I actually did beat some of the students younger than me so that felt good! There were a few women my age that were faster than me, but rather than feel defeated about that, it actually gives me hope that I still have room to improve. Oh, and by the way, I was totally smoked by like an 11-year-old girl! What?!! Hey, good for her, right?? We are truly all on our own journeys. Hey, I’m just happy to show up and be in the race. What are you waiting for??!!! 🙂

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