>Dear iPod…

>Dear iPod,

It has come to my attention that you no longer take this job very seriously. This communication is to provide you with a written warning and let you know that the firm of Lisa D. Runner, Inc. is formally looking for your replacement beginning immediately. Please see the rationale listed below for why this action is being taken:

*Inconsistent Performance – On the last few runs you have either performed at a sub-par level or not performed at all. The passive aggressiveness that you have demonstrated by allowing yourself to get all “charged up” giving the impression that you are with the program, and then flaking out right when the workout starts is not acceptable behavior.

*Tardiness – You continue not to accomplish tasks on time (starting the workout and ending the workout).

*Lack of Being a Team Player – Lisa feels like she is doing most of the work lately and that this team of two is no longer a team at all. It takes motivation to just get to the workout (especially in 80+ degree temps in September) and Lisa counts on you to hold up your end of the bargain and provide the music and tracking to keep her motivated during the run.

So, let this letter be a formal warning for you and to put you on alert to look for alternate employment. While you will not be let go immediately, perhaps you should look for options to sub-contract or recycle your parts sooner rather than later.

Good luck,
The Management

2 thoughts on “>Dear iPod…”

  1. >have you tried going to the Apple Store? I'd recommend getting an appointment with a "genius" before going there. They're usually pretty good about fixing things or just replacing it right on the spot.

  2. >The nearest Apple Store is at Legacy Village… not a bad drive from Hudson and you could stop by and visit Stephen (and meet the rest of us).

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