>Splits are in!

>Well, folks the results are in! The Triathlon results for the Girls Tri Too event on Sept 18 were posted on Monday afternoon, but I’m just now getting around to posting them. Truth be told I was bummed for a little while about them, but after some good pep talk posts from my FB buddies I’m embracing them for what they are – my first time!!!

So here is how I placed:
*I came in 151 out of 258 women who completed the race. Only one person did not finish, which is pretty cool actually.
*In my age group (40-45) I came in 16 out of 26.

Here are my splits:
Swim – 7:07; Ranked 141
T1 (Transition time) – 3:29
Bike – 31:22; Ranked 174
T2 – 1:35
Run – 20:47; Ranked 113
Total: 1:04:21

Overall I am mostly pleased. I definitely have room for improvement on the bike which was probably my weakest area. It could also be that my bike is not exactly that of the racing variety! I can run faster, but I think it was a fairly good time as a third event. Not counting the transition time I did make it under an hour at 58:76 which is cool.

So there you go. The benchmark has been made for next year. Is it bad that I’ve already been researching other triathlon races?? This is so much fun!

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