>Embrace the Sucky Runs!

>So yesterday I had a really sucky run. It was very hot and I just felt tired throughout the entire thing. I had to walk tons during a normal 5K route. I was feeling bad about the whole thing when I ran into a colleague in the locker-room that I hadn’t seen for awhile. I vented to her about the run and then she shared her update with me. She had been training for a marathon and was up to 17 miles when…she broke her toe. So, her doctor told her no running for 6 weeks!!! Ugh. The race is in October so there is no way she can do it. Whoa. Oh, and she had a chance to qualify for Boston at this race since she is turning 40 before the race and would be in a different age/time bracket. Talk about a change in perspective. Here I was complaining about a sub-par running experience when she was just shut out of a race that she had been working towards for months. Okay, God, I get it. I’m thankful for even the sucky runs.

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