>I Tri-ed it and it was AWESOME!

>It can be done. I’m here to tell you. Set a goal. Work for it. Do it.

I competed in my first triathlon this morning and I am struggling with the words to describe it right now. The only word that really comes to mind is AWESOME.

It was AWESOME that my 8-year-old and husband got up at 5:15am on a Saturday to come and support and cheer me on to accomplish one of my goals.

It was AWESOME that it was such a beautiful day to race…the sun coming up right over the water.

It was AWESOME that there were so many women participating (350 in all!) of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels. I was really awed and humbled by that. So cool.

It was AWESOME that I finished, which was my main goal. But even more than that, it was AWESOME that I did not stop at all…I did not stop moving until I crossed the finish line. That was my only other goal for this year. I swam the entire time, I jogged through the transition area and ran the entire time – no walking. For those who want details it was what they call a “Sprint Triathlon”, I have learned. This particular one included a 250 meter swim, 7 mile bike and 2 mile run.

It was AWESOME that the event was so well organized, the people were so nice and the competitors were really funny and so supportive. It was so cool to hear various people shouting out positive and encouraging things to each other – friends and strangers.

It was AWESOME that a year ago I heard about this event from a friend and set my sights on doing it this year – and I did it. This just shows that anyone can do this if they want to! I’m not sure why meeting a physical/activity goal feels so good! I guess it is because it is so personal? I’m not sure. But, it is just great.

I felt so alive today during the event and tried to really enjoy and feel the experience. I enjoyed the coolness of the water, the stickey-ness of the seaweed, the sound of Mike saying, “Go Ramsey” and Zach playing the cow bell (we always need more cow bell!), the rush of the adrenaline, the cool wind blowing my jacket, the sounds of bikes wizzing past (“on your left”), the cheers of fellow competitors, the sound of my breath and cadence of my steps, the sound of “Lisa Ramsey, from Hudson, Ohio” on the sound system when I crossed the finish line, and finally the warm hug and victory kiss immediately followed by, “Great job, Baby!”

5 thoughts on “>I Tri-ed it and it was AWESOME!”

  1. >Lisa, just so proud of you, Mike and Zach–not only did you do so well, you were able to turn it into a "family event." By the way, at Ya Ya this week (I have to tell you this) Cindy, Mike's cousin, remarked how much she enjoys reading your blog and I quote her: "Lisa should write a book–her writing is so interesting to read." Now isn't that what I've been telling you–LOL…Love ya, Shirl

  2. >yay – that sounds awesome. I was totally cracking up at the "Go Ramsey!" accompanied by cow bell. LOL.

    Have you noticed that the cow bell is very popular in the Winter Olympics? I wonder what that's all about.

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