>Keep on Truckin’

>I did my second trial run for the triathlon this morning – well two legs of it. I did better this time! I rode 6 miles in 27 minutes, stopped for a quick drink and ran 2 miles in 19:43 minutes. I was pretty happy with that and even better I felt really good doing it. I have found a good route to ride on my bike that doesn’t have lots of stops and starts and is relatively quiet (not lots of traffic). Now that I know that it is 6 miles I just need to add another mile next time so it is the same distance as the race will be.

My anger at the scale is what propelled me today. I had to pay again at Weight Watchers…still above my goal. I was so mad because I worked out four times last week! Not sure what this is all about. Some people are suggesting that I’ve gained muscle, but not sure about that…

I’m just going to buckle down, get real on my points this week and run every day until I can stop paying…that is my new challenge!! We’ll see how it goes!!

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