>The Woman with the Plan

>So I ran into a colleague that I hadn’t seen since the spring yesterday. She complemented me and told me that I looked great which felt really good (when does it not?!). She asked me what I was doing and I shared that I was a “Weight Watcher” and that I was running and doing activity regularly. She then shared that she too was a runner. We got to talking and I learned that she ran her FIRST marathon in her early 50’s. My jaw just dropped! She is now in her early 60’s. She told me that she was pretty much done with marathons…too hard on her feet (she has always had foot issues), so now she is just sticking to half-marathons. She is training for one in October at which, instead of a medal, the “giveaway” is a Tiffany necklace presented to each runner by a handsome man in a tux! As she described this her eyes lit up like this prize will be the cats meow for her. Hey, I’d just do it for the medal – no handsome man required – I got one of them at home.

Anyways, I got to thinking, with my friend’s encouragement…yeah, I would just do it for the medal, or better yet, I could just to do it for me (although the medal would be sssswwweeeet)!!! To quote my friend, “Yeah, you can do it if that is what you decide to do”. Hmm. Yes. I think I want to set my sights on the half.
But first, I need to run a 10K.
Before that I need to train for a 10K.
Before that I need to run my triathlon in next month.
Before that I need to train for my triathlon.
Before that I need continue to push myself on my regular 3 mile runs.
Before that I need to finish this blog and go back to work.
Well, at least I have a plan!!!

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