>Keeping the Feast

>So I’m reading this book called, “Keeping the Feast” by Paula Butturini and it is all about the healing power of maintaining the family meal to help overcome the depression of her husband. The author is coming to JCU in October so I was anxious to read it. It is a really good read so far!

Anywho, it is ironic that I’m reading this now because now that we have entered the “football zone”, having dinner together or even at all, has proved to be quite challenging for Chez Ramsey! We don’t get home from Zach’s football practice until about 7:45pm every night (M-F). I usually go to the practice right from work and Mike meets us there on his bike. Nick has the other car to get him to his job (4pm – 8pm every day). So, Zach has a healthy snack around 4:30pm to get him through. Then, while he his in the shower Mike and I whip up dinner. We end up eating at 8pm, but the most important thing is we are still eating together! Plus, we aren’t eating McDonald’s (gross). Last night Nick even joined us after coming home from work! It has taken a couple days to get used to this new schedule, but just like all types of change, it just takes creativity and planning. We can do this and still keep our family feast – even if it is just sandwiches!

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