>Facing the Music

>So, it finally happened. I had to pay at Weight Watchers this morning. (wa, wa, wa – to the tune of Charlie Brown’s teacher). For those who aren’t familiar with how it works I’ll ‘splain it to you. Once you are a lifetime member you only have to weigh in once a month and provided you are within two pounds of your goal weight you are free, free, free. I weigh in EVERY week and I’ve been free every month since I reached goal in November 2009…until today (August).

Now I sort of knew this was coming based on a couple of things. First, I was up last week. Second, it is the time of the month when my body holds a little bit more weight (you get my drift). Third, I weighed in a day early because I’m going out of town on Saturday. And lastly, it is called Murphy’s law – bound to happen sometime. It is sort of ironic, however, because this has been a really great week for me in terms of activity – I ran twice and did my Bosu class twice. But, come to think of it, I went to Handel’s for ice cream twice too…hmm. I tracked well, fairly well, but I think I may have overcompensated for the amount of activity I did and maybe did one too many “bites, licks and tastes” that didn’t count (at least in my tracker)!

Knowing all of this, a smarter woman might not have weighed in today. The way it works is that the first meeting of the month that you weigh in counts, no matter what. So, given that, I could have waited and weighed in next week for August in order to let nature take its course, so to speak, and work to get that pound and a half off. But, since I’m all about accountability I’m committed to the every week weigh in, no matter what. Turns out, I’m not perfect afterall, what do you know!?

I’m glad I weighed in. Not real glad about having to pay the $11.00, but glad that I held myself accountable even when I could have taken the easy way out. The easy road is not always the best road, for sure. Hopefully, when I face the scale next week the music will be sweeter. But either way, I’ll show up cause that is what it is all about!! 🙂

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