>Defining the triathlon

>I registered for my first triathlon this morning! I heard about this race last summer from a friend who had participated. She told me that it is just for women, is held at Portage Lakes and consists of a 250 meter swim (10 laps), 7 miles on a bike, and a 2-mile run. Last summer I wasn’t near ready for it, but I told myself that I wanted to do it the following year.

Cut to a couple months ago, when I talked to this same friend again and asked her about the info. She sent me the link and I perused the site a week or so ago to get the pertinent information (read: cost). I hurried up and closed the site wanting to spend more time thinking about if I wanted to spend the money on it – $45! Then, this morning I decided to do it. Why not?! It is my next challenge! I have been swimming the last few weeks just to see how/if I could do it and I was surprised at how doable that distance was for me. Plus I had to time my swim in order to enter it on the registration form. So, with a gulp and a nervous stomach, I hit “send” and now I’m committed! I’m really excited about it, but nervous, of course!!

So my typical next step about something exciting in my life is…post it on facebook!! Which I did. I announced that I had just entered my first triathlon for women. Yahoo! My enthusiasm was deflated a bit when someone questioned if I was doing a “full” triathlon. Wait, didn’t the website say it was a “triathlon”?? Was I misled somehow?? What was a triathlon anyways?? So, I looked it up on the best source I could find. According to dictionary.com a triathlon is “an athletic contest comprising three consecutive events, usually swimming, bicycling, and distance running”. Hmmm. Okay, so it is official after all. Not that it even matters but let the record show that I’m doing a triathlon. And now I’m actually motivated to at least entertain the idea of a 10K or dare I say a half a marathon??? Just watch me…

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