>Game On!!

>I think I have officially become a football mom…again! Zach had his first practice with Hudson Hawks tonight and LOVED it. Granted tonight’s dress was only shorts, t-shirt and cleats, and not the full equipment and pads that they have to wear this Friday, but still it was really hot and they kept those boys hoppin’ for a full two hours. I was proud of how hard he worked, tried his best and had a blast! I was tickled when he came up to me during a break and announced, “this practice ROCKS!”

In the middle of practice I got a phone call from Nick asking about the details of Zach’s football practice schedule. He said he wanted to work out a day to get off of work and come to his practice!! That just warmed my heart. Especially since Zach has recently realized that Zach’s first game is on the same day as Nick’s move-in day to college at the end of the month. Z feels very conflicted about it, was in tears about it on Saturday, but I think has finally decided to stay and play the game and “play it for Nick”. Oh, my heart again!

Then, all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder and realized that Mike had come up on his bike (the practice was just a stop along his 8 mile route for the night). Zach was happy to see his dad there too.

I felt so content right then. Sure, I was hot and sweaty…kinda hungry. I had been worried about how Zach would like this. I’m still worried how we will work out rides, dinners, schedules for the fall. But, those things will work themselves out. I’m just so thankful for my family to be involved with such healthy things. Playing hard is good and I’m just thrilled that it finally feels like everyone is in the game. Game on!

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