>Does dinner “time” matter?

>So, my dilemma for this week is, “Does dinner time matter?” Now, I don’t mean this literally, I mean, I do, but my emphasis is not actually on the dinner part of dinner time…of course dinner is important. It could be a good time to bond with family, get caught up with friends, try a new recipe and/or relax from the stress of the day. But, what I’m talking about is the actual “time” dinner takes place. When is the optimum time to eat dinner? Is there a magical hour after which you should not eat a big meal or eat a meal at all? Some people think so. But if you ate the same amount of calories, fat, protein, etc would it really matter to your body what time it was consumed? Oh the questions. Hmmm.

Why do I care, you ask? Well, because yes, I had to pay again Saturday at Weight Watchers. My attention was really not on this at the meeting because after all my friend hit her goal of losing 100 pounds!!! Yahoo!!! Word for SR!!! Anywho, but Saturday has passed and I figure I better deal with this. So I’m 5 pounds over my goal weight and just three pounds over my “have to pay” amount. What’s the deal? As I’ve blogged about in past entries, we are a football family once again and are trying to maintain the family meal at dinner…you know the whole “keeping the feast” thing? This has meant that I’m cooking or reheating at 8pm. I’m just wondering if this change in timing of our dinner has had any impact on my recent scale happenings. Not sure I can know for sure.

So, this week, I’m going to try an experiment. I’m going to go home first, eat dinner myself at a normal time, and then sit with my family after practice while they eat. No, it is not ideal, but I gotta try somethin’ I’ll let you know what happens. Oh, and I have to run again regularly too…now that could be something…

>The Curse of the White Pants

>So,I have come to an earth shattering conclusion about white pants. They make you look fat. It doesn’t matter what style they are – capris, dress pants, white jeans (ew)…they all make you look fatter than you are. This law does not apply to all white clothing that you wear on your bottom half…white skirts and white shorts are fine. For some reason they have escaped the curse of the doomed white pants. And of course anything worn on the top of the body that is white is just fine – your sweaters, jackets, shirts – all good. For some reason, from the moment I put on white pants (okay, so it really is just this one pair) I feel fat and look fatter in the mirror. I’m not sure why this is. I know that the color black is supposed to be slimming and I have to say it has lived up to that reputation on a regular basis in my closet. Perhaps because white is the total opposite of black, it does the total opposite of slimming – fattening. With Labor Day coming up soon and being a strict follower of the “no white after Labor Day fashion rule” (not really), I’ve been trying to get a few more wearings out of the white items in my wardrobe. Hence this discovery. The last time I wore the white pants I did notice their fat tendency, but I soon forgot about it (denial is an ugly thing) and wanted to give them yet another chance yesterday. I mean, we all have bad hair days…maybe I just had a bad pants day. So I was filled with hope and anticipation as I got dressed yesterday and looked in the mirror. Fat. Uggh. I was running kinda late and decided to just go with it and hope for the best on “white pants last chance day.”

Well, that was it – all day the pants bugged me. I actually felt like they were making me fatter as the day went on!! I think the pants are officially history. I’ll have to either give them away or sell them at the consignment shop. Just in time for Labor Day. Miss Manners would be so proud.

>Keep on Truckin’

>I did my second trial run for the triathlon this morning – well two legs of it. I did better this time! I rode 6 miles in 27 minutes, stopped for a quick drink and ran 2 miles in 19:43 minutes. I was pretty happy with that and even better I felt really good doing it. I have found a good route to ride on my bike that doesn’t have lots of stops and starts and is relatively quiet (not lots of traffic). Now that I know that it is 6 miles I just need to add another mile next time so it is the same distance as the race will be.

My anger at the scale is what propelled me today. I had to pay again at Weight Watchers…still above my goal. I was so mad because I worked out four times last week! Not sure what this is all about. Some people are suggesting that I’ve gained muscle, but not sure about that…

I’m just going to buckle down, get real on my points this week and run every day until I can stop paying…that is my new challenge!! We’ll see how it goes!!

>The Woman with the Plan

>So I ran into a colleague that I hadn’t seen since the spring yesterday. She complemented me and told me that I looked great which felt really good (when does it not?!). She asked me what I was doing and I shared that I was a “Weight Watcher” and that I was running and doing activity regularly. She then shared that she too was a runner. We got to talking and I learned that she ran her FIRST marathon in her early 50’s. My jaw just dropped! She is now in her early 60’s. She told me that she was pretty much done with marathons…too hard on her feet (she has always had foot issues), so now she is just sticking to half-marathons. She is training for one in October at which, instead of a medal, the “giveaway” is a Tiffany necklace presented to each runner by a handsome man in a tux! As she described this her eyes lit up like this prize will be the cats meow for her. Hey, I’d just do it for the medal – no handsome man required – I got one of them at home.

Anyways, I got to thinking, with my friend’s encouragement…yeah, I would just do it for the medal, or better yet, I could just to do it for me (although the medal would be sssswwweeeet)!!! To quote my friend, “Yeah, you can do it if that is what you decide to do”. Hmm. Yes. I think I want to set my sights on the half.
But first, I need to run a 10K.
Before that I need to train for a 10K.
Before that I need to run my triathlon in next month.
Before that I need to train for my triathlon.
Before that I need continue to push myself on my regular 3 mile runs.
Before that I need to finish this blog and go back to work.
Well, at least I have a plan!!!

>2/3 of a Trial Run

>After paying again this am at Weight Watchers (I was over by .8 pounds, but I’m moving on), and realizing that there is only a little over a month until the triathlon, I decided that I needed to start some serious training (well, at least serious for me!). I wanted to add some of the elements together to get a sense of how long this thing will take. I would like to set a goal for myself so I know what I want to shoot for the day of the race. My friend who did it last year completed the race in one minute over an hour so now, of course, the competitive streak in me says that is the time to beat. Mike reminded me this am that I should just concentrate on completing it this year to get a baseline because I really don’t know what to expect. He’s right, of course. The dude is smart – glad I married him.

So while Zach was doing Tag Day with the Hudson Hawks (go Hawks!) this morning, I decided to do my own bi-athlon with biking and running. I asked Mike to lead me on a 7 mile route (that’s the length of the bike portion). We ended up going only about 6.5 miles, but that took me a little over 36 minutes. I was a little disappointed with my time. I felt fine with the ride itself in terms of difficulty and how I felt doing it. We had a few hills and I got used to down shifting. I don’t usually bike that much…much prefer running. It was frustrating to have to keep stopping and starting, but the biking won’t be like that on race day, I suppose. I wanted to go faster, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that because 1) I don’t own a helmet yet (I know, I need to get one), and 2) I just don’t feel quite as comfortable on a bike…I don’t feel in as much control as I do running or swimming. That is an interesting thing I learned about myself today. The less equipment needed the better!

After we got back from the bike ride, I grabbed a drink of water and my ipod and ran the 2 mile run. It was kinda tough at the beginning…my legs felt rubbery. Then I hit my stride in the middle. It was really hot, of course, too so I had to walk two different times. I was okay with my time – 19:53. I want to do it in less than 20 minutes.

So, all in all, I was happy with my “trial run”. Now I just have to figure out how to add the third leg somehow and I’ll be happy as a clam. I’ll keep you “posted”. Oh, I crack myself up.

>Keeping the Feast

>So I’m reading this book called, “Keeping the Feast” by Paula Butturini and it is all about the healing power of maintaining the family meal to help overcome the depression of her husband. The author is coming to JCU in October so I was anxious to read it. It is a really good read so far!

Anywho, it is ironic that I’m reading this now because now that we have entered the “football zone”, having dinner together or even at all, has proved to be quite challenging for Chez Ramsey! We don’t get home from Zach’s football practice until about 7:45pm every night (M-F). I usually go to the practice right from work and Mike meets us there on his bike. Nick has the other car to get him to his job (4pm – 8pm every day). So, Zach has a healthy snack around 4:30pm to get him through. Then, while he his in the shower Mike and I whip up dinner. We end up eating at 8pm, but the most important thing is we are still eating together! Plus, we aren’t eating McDonald’s (gross). Last night Nick even joined us after coming home from work! It has taken a couple days to get used to this new schedule, but just like all types of change, it just takes creativity and planning. We can do this and still keep our family feast – even if it is just sandwiches!

>Facing the Music

>So, it finally happened. I had to pay at Weight Watchers this morning. (wa, wa, wa – to the tune of Charlie Brown’s teacher). For those who aren’t familiar with how it works I’ll ‘splain it to you. Once you are a lifetime member you only have to weigh in once a month and provided you are within two pounds of your goal weight you are free, free, free. I weigh in EVERY week and I’ve been free every month since I reached goal in November 2009…until today (August).

Now I sort of knew this was coming based on a couple of things. First, I was up last week. Second, it is the time of the month when my body holds a little bit more weight (you get my drift). Third, I weighed in a day early because I’m going out of town on Saturday. And lastly, it is called Murphy’s law – bound to happen sometime. It is sort of ironic, however, because this has been a really great week for me in terms of activity – I ran twice and did my Bosu class twice. But, come to think of it, I went to Handel’s for ice cream twice too…hmm. I tracked well, fairly well, but I think I may have overcompensated for the amount of activity I did and maybe did one too many “bites, licks and tastes” that didn’t count (at least in my tracker)!

Knowing all of this, a smarter woman might not have weighed in today. The way it works is that the first meeting of the month that you weigh in counts, no matter what. So, given that, I could have waited and weighed in next week for August in order to let nature take its course, so to speak, and work to get that pound and a half off. But, since I’m all about accountability I’m committed to the every week weigh in, no matter what. Turns out, I’m not perfect afterall, what do you know!?

I’m glad I weighed in. Not real glad about having to pay the $11.00, but glad that I held myself accountable even when I could have taken the easy way out. The easy road is not always the best road, for sure. Hopefully, when I face the scale next week the music will be sweeter. But either way, I’ll show up cause that is what it is all about!! 🙂

>Defining the triathlon

>I registered for my first triathlon this morning! I heard about this race last summer from a friend who had participated. She told me that it is just for women, is held at Portage Lakes and consists of a 250 meter swim (10 laps), 7 miles on a bike, and a 2-mile run. Last summer I wasn’t near ready for it, but I told myself that I wanted to do it the following year.

Cut to a couple months ago, when I talked to this same friend again and asked her about the info. She sent me the link and I perused the site a week or so ago to get the pertinent information (read: cost). I hurried up and closed the site wanting to spend more time thinking about if I wanted to spend the money on it – $45! Then, this morning I decided to do it. Why not?! It is my next challenge! I have been swimming the last few weeks just to see how/if I could do it and I was surprised at how doable that distance was for me. Plus I had to time my swim in order to enter it on the registration form. So, with a gulp and a nervous stomach, I hit “send” and now I’m committed! I’m really excited about it, but nervous, of course!!

So my typical next step about something exciting in my life is…post it on facebook!! Which I did. I announced that I had just entered my first triathlon for women. Yahoo! My enthusiasm was deflated a bit when someone questioned if I was doing a “full” triathlon. Wait, didn’t the website say it was a “triathlon”?? Was I misled somehow?? What was a triathlon anyways?? So, I looked it up on the best source I could find. According to dictionary.com a triathlon is “an athletic contest comprising three consecutive events, usually swimming, bicycling, and distance running”. Hmmm. Okay, so it is official after all. Not that it even matters but let the record show that I’m doing a triathlon. And now I’m actually motivated to at least entertain the idea of a 10K or dare I say a half a marathon??? Just watch me…

>Game On!!

>I think I have officially become a football mom…again! Zach had his first practice with Hudson Hawks tonight and LOVED it. Granted tonight’s dress was only shorts, t-shirt and cleats, and not the full equipment and pads that they have to wear this Friday, but still it was really hot and they kept those boys hoppin’ for a full two hours. I was proud of how hard he worked, tried his best and had a blast! I was tickled when he came up to me during a break and announced, “this practice ROCKS!”

In the middle of practice I got a phone call from Nick asking about the details of Zach’s football practice schedule. He said he wanted to work out a day to get off of work and come to his practice!! That just warmed my heart. Especially since Zach has recently realized that Zach’s first game is on the same day as Nick’s move-in day to college at the end of the month. Z feels very conflicted about it, was in tears about it on Saturday, but I think has finally decided to stay and play the game and “play it for Nick”. Oh, my heart again!

Then, all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder and realized that Mike had come up on his bike (the practice was just a stop along his 8 mile route for the night). Zach was happy to see his dad there too.

I felt so content right then. Sure, I was hot and sweaty…kinda hungry. I had been worried about how Zach would like this. I’m still worried how we will work out rides, dinners, schedules for the fall. But, those things will work themselves out. I’m just so thankful for my family to be involved with such healthy things. Playing hard is good and I’m just thrilled that it finally feels like everyone is in the game. Game on!