>Perfectly Portioned Pizzas

>So here is a recommendation of a way to make pizzas that are light and that everyone in the family can enjoy. Use the whole wheat flat bread rounds (I use the ones made by Arnolds). Toast them a little bit. Put some sauce and whatever topping you like and cook under the broiler for almost 2 minutes – watch so they don’t burn – learned that the hard way! I usually use fat free mozz chees, but even better is the reduced fat feta cheese. It seems to have more flavor. Last night I made some with olives and mushrooms and feta cheese – scrumptious! The cool thing about them is that everyone in your family can make their own creation with the toppings they prefer so no arguing (hopefully!).

Oh, and don’t skip the toasting part at first – otherwise they come out a little soggy! Enjoy!

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