>So much chicken – so little time!

>So we had Nick’s graduation party this weekend and I kinda overestimated how much food to buy. We had leftover coleslaw, pasta salad, fruit salad, beans, buns, monster cookies (which thankfully I got rid of 12 dozen of them at work!) but most of all chicken. Now, I’m not talking about a few chix breasts left over. I’m talking about full on three (3) gallon-sized zip-loc bags full of bbq cooked chicken. The good news is that it was really good! Mike prepped it with “Butt rub” (I swear it is a real thing – we got it at Hartville Marketplace), and used “Sweet Baby Rays” bbq sauce for the finish. Everyone loved it! Little did we know how many days we would have to love it! We ate chicken at the party on Saturday where we enjoyed it the most. Then, we had it for lunch Sunday, dinner on Monday and lunch on Tuesday. For Monday dinner I actually made three different chicken items…one order of bbq chix little pizzas on arnolds bread (pretty yummy and creative, I might add), one chix quesidilla and one pulled chix bbq sandwich. Tonight we broke down and couldn’t do it anymore!! We had chicken for lunch, but just couldn’t do dinner with it again. Pizza and cereal it was. Apparently I could not even cook tonight. The chicken is now gone – our refrigerator is now chicken free!!! Yahoo! Yes, it was good, but a girl’s got her limits!! I need to go to the grocery store to get restocked on non-party food again, but I don’t really even want to…no more food!!

Did I mention the 30 additional chicken breasts that we have in the freezer in the basement? I told you I overestimated. Yikes. Maybe there is a July 4 BBQ in our future. Then again, maybe not…

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