>The Road Not Taken

>I’ve decided to discover new running routes. I have two good ones that are my standard routes that I’ve pretty much run into the ground. I know exactly where the hills are, I know exactly what three miles is. The routes are predictable and they are BORING! So, lately I have just run a certain direction and made it up as I went along. I have the iPod, so I can easily figure out my distance, but there is something fun about running a route I’ve never run before. It can be a new challenge – sometimes the terrain is more hilly. Last May when I first started running, I would map out a run in the car first to determine the mileage and then run it. Now, with the help of my iPod, I can just go. It is very freeing to be able to just go. I’m always surprised at how many different combinations of 3 mile routes I can create from my house. I have two new ones now that are really fun. One goes through down town Hudson so I can even “windowshop” a bit as I run by. This route is a little dangerous at rush hour as it goes on Owen Brown Street right under the railroad bridge and is very narrow. Drivers crack me up how far out they drive away from me when I’m running – like I’m going to just suddenly lunge out at them after running in a straight line! The other one that I discovered last night actually goes partly on Rt. 303, but there is a bike only lane so it is fairly safe to run there. Plus the cars don’t feel the need to swerve way around me! I’ll have to explore additional routes in the future. Anything to keep it fun, different and interesting and keep me motivated to hit that pavement!

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