>The Walk-It Challenge!

>Great day today! I went with a group of my Weight Watcher friends to run/walk a 5K in honor of the Weight Watcher Walk-It Challenge which has been going on for the last couple of months and culminated today. A mom and daughter duo got us organized a few weeks ago and found the park, the trail and got us all signed up. We went to Firestone MetroPark which is about 1/2 drive south for me – it was 1.7 miles around so we needed to go twice around. It was a beautiful park – pond and a river. The only wild life I saw this time was a dead shrew – yuck, but at least I managed to run over it. Dennis and I somehow ended up being the leaders of the pack – we were the only ones running it, and somehow we took a wrong turn up this huge hill, but we realized our mistake and found the trail again. I have no idea what my time was because of course my nano decided to go on the fritz. No matter – I kinda enjoyed it without music for once. I think I probably rely on it too much maybe. I convinced Mike and Zach to go with me for moral support and I’m so glad they did! Zach started off running and went quite far before he walked the rest of the way with a couple other kids who were there. Mike walked one lap around too – in flip flops! There were a bunch of us there – I think about 18 in all plus family member supporters. Our WW leader couldn’t be there at the last minute because her daughter just had twins today 5 weeks early! We decided that was a good excuse to miss it! One of our members is in a wheel-chair and she did the whole thing – what an inspiration! I mean, come on…it puts any of my excuses to shame. It really makes me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to and should not let crazy excuses stall my efforts (e.g. it’s too hot, I don’t feel like it, I’m tired). If someone in a chair can go for 3.1 miles on a trail, I certainly can too!!! What a great thing – kudos to us all!!! And kudos to Weight Watchers!

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