>Sabotage or just laziness?

>So, I only ran twice this week…Saturday and Tuesday…a total of 6 miles. My plan was to run when I got home tonight (I have flex-time so I can run when I come home and still have time to make dinner), but I just plain old didn’t feel like it. Plus I stopped at Heinen’s first to pick up some beef kabobs for dinner (yummo, by the way!) so by the time I got home it was a little bit later than normal…plus it looked like rain…plus {fill in any lame excuse here}. You would think that I would have stayed extra motivated this week as tomorrow is the start of a new month of weighing in so it counts! In other words, if I am not within two pounds of my goal weight tomorrow…(cue the dramatic music)…I HAVE TO PAY! I have not had to pay at all since I reached lifetime in November 2009 so this is a big deal. What I’m wondering about myself is, however, am I doing this to myself to make myself have to pay to kick myself in the ass and get re-motivated in terms of running or am I just plain lazy? I guess no matter what the reason is, the common denominator is that I need motivation. I feel like I’ve been “resting on my laurels”, so to speak in terms of my activity level, specifically. It has been fairly easy to maintain so far as long as I run 3-4 times a week and track, etc, so I feel like I can slack a bit. Plus I don’t have a tangible goal anymore to work towards and I know that I’m a person that desperately needs that. I guess I just need to set one then, huh?! But what…ugghh…perhaps I’ll do some research on training programs for 10K’s and look for one to sign up for…okay, deal.

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  1. >have you heard of Team in Training? It is supposed to be a really good organization and you raise money for a good cause.

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