>I Need a New Carrot!

>No, I’m not talking about vegetables. I got plenty of those. What I need is some motivation or a goal to work towards in terms of my running. I didn’t want to go today, but I forced myself and it was a good run except it was SO hot! I walked for a little bit after about 2 miles, but still completed my 3 miles in a little over 30 minutes so I’m okay with that. I mean it was so hot that my shower did not take at all. I even made the water mostly cold and stood with my hair dryer on cool. I have two latest concerns: running in the heat at lunchtime and just staying motivated period. Today I’m just going to deal with the motivation issue.

Before when I was beginning my running my “carrot” came in the form of losing weight…and that was a great motivator! Plus I was working towards a goal of running a 5K. Then, my next “carrot” or reward was getting new clothes…first out of necessity and then purely as a reward. Well, now I am maintaining my weight and I really have plenty of clothes. SO, I’m back to my original point. I need a NEW “carrot”, motivator or reward. But what? I know I don’t want it to be food based – for obvious reasons! I guess I could register for another 5K and work towards a better time. Or, I could set a certain number of miles that I want to hit and work towards that. But, what do I get besides the satisfaction of doing it?? And why do I have to get something out of it?? Hmmm. I’ll go grab a carrot and think it over.

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