>Glisten, perspire or SWEAT!!!

>I ran again today at lunch and it was 77 degrees. There was a nice breeze, but it was still warm. I ran just short of 3 miles because of the heat and because my legs were just plain tired. I find when I run two days in a row, on the second day my legs are really barkin’. Now, given that it was 77 degrees you might understand that I was sweating as I came back inside and got ready to shower. I was taken aback when a colleague made the comment, “wow, you are really sweaty!!” Ya think? What gave it away?? Her grasp of the obvious was uncanny.

Now, I understand that some women glisten or perspire or maybe even lightly sweat during and after they work out. These are the same women that can work out, dab on some new deodorant and perfume, brush their hair, and go back to work without showering. This cannot happen in my world. I do not glisten, or perspire. I full on sweat no matter what the weather (although I do sweat more in the summer, I think). I blame my dad’s genes. For me, working out means that I’m friggin’ sweaty! That is just the way it is and I’m okay with it. Hence, the showers after working out – every time. And sometimes those don’t even “take” right away (thanks, George Costanza!!)

I was not always okay with this, however. As a little girl I remember being embarrassed about it. It was not the most feminine or girley quality to full-on sweat during or after physical activity. This could be part of the reason why I never pursued sports that much (that and the fact that I sucked!). But, seriously, I do think my predisposition to sweaty-ness contributed to my “ick” factor when it came to sports or even just exercise. I’m sure there were people along the way that would kindly point out the obvious after an afternoon playing outside…”wow, you are so sweaty!!” which would just make me feel anxious and bad since it was something I could not control.

It is funny because I’ve never really thought about this until right now at almost 41 years old. It is amazing what we can still learn about ourselves! And, the fact that now I’m finally okay with this. So, for all the women and men out there that have healthy sweat glands…it is okay, friends! Let ’em see you sweat!!!! Just make sure you shower…

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