>Good decision or rationalization? You decide!

>So, I made the decision NOT to run at lunch today. All my intentions were to do so, brought all my stuff and even was prepared to run outside if necessary (have a long-sleeved shirt). BUT, getting closer to lunchtime I decided not to go based on these reasons:
1. It was cold outside (lower 50s and windy) and I’d rather run outside. The inside track was just not appealing today.
2. It is supposed to be nice both tomorrow and Friday (upper 60s).
3. I have a 1:30pm meeting with a student so it would be pushing it to get the run in, shower, eat, etc.
4. Both Thursday and Friday I don’t have meetings after lunch until 2pm so plenty of time.

So, in conclusion, for the reasons stated above I decided to “skip” today and run both Thursday and Friday. Good rational decision or good ol’ fashioned rationalization??!! I know what I think….:-)

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