>Pushing Through the Wall!

>I finally pushed through the 3-mile wall today! I just decided to set my nano to 3.5 miles and see what happened. I have never run more than 3 miles at a time and have wanted to do it for about a couple of weeks, but just never had the gumption to DO it! Today was the day. It was strange because the woman “in my ipod” (I really should give her a name) gave me more feedback than she does on my normal 3 mile setting. She announced one mile, half-way point (1.75), .5, and then the standard count down from 400 meters.

I felt surprisingly good throughout the run. I was on the inside track today because of the cold (and snow, I might add – in April!). The first mile went by quick. My legs were a little stiff, but then after I got to .5 miles left, I felt really good – I could have run longer, I think. Great feeling just to have conquered the 3 mile wall. I’m not sure what my goal is from here…do I want to keep increasing my distance? Do I want to increase my speed? I’m leaning towards increasing distance. Of course, I am somewhat limited by time during my lunch runs, but I could still probably easily do 4 miles and shower within an hour. Okay, that is my new goal…I want to work up to doing 4 miles every run. I will keep doing 3.5 for awhile, however, and get used to that first…baby steps…

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