>Two’s Company

>So, I ran with a friend today for the first time. I don’t really count running with Nick on our very own “Turkey Trot” last year because I had my music going. I’ve always been hesitant to run with anyone else because 1)I enjoy the time to myself zoning out to my music, but probably mostly because I lack confidence in my running ability. Now, I realize this probably does not make a whole lot of sense because I’ve been running since May, but really – I’ve only been running since May! I’m not a runner by nature, or even an athlete. I guess I’m really afraid of competition with anyone else in this arena because I’m still such a novice. I’ve finally come to be okay with running to compete with myself, but that is it. But, the other day a friend asked if I wanted to run with her and I just said “yes” without thinking too much about it. She assured me that she ran at my same pace so I reluctantly put it on my calendar. I have to say I was a little nervous about it and I told her so. However, we started running and a weird thing happened.

We ran. We ran together for three miles without incident. She even had to walk a little bit half-way through, but to be fair, she was getting over a sever migraine. It was a beautiful day for the run and I had been wanting her to show me some of her routes. We chatted quite a bit and afterwards made plans to run again next Wednesday. What fun! And another notch was added to my “runner confidence” belt!

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