>Activity Week pay off!

>So, I’m totally back on track with my weight as of yesterday! YES! I had gone up a bit and was over my goal weight by like 4 pounds. I had already paid for March so I didn’t have to pay which is cool, but it irritated me that I was up so far. So, this past week the goal was to kick it in gear and get back to a decent place – at the scale and mentally. It was weird because every day this past week I did some sort of activity. It wasn’t all running, but it was activity nonetheless.

Here is the rundown:
Sunday – fitness assessment at Lifecenter part 1 – ran 1 mile and did some strength training and some random cardio on eliptical
Monday – fitness assessment at Lifecenter part 2 – did strength training and some cardio
Tuesday – ran 3 miles at lunch
Wednesday – went to a Line Dancing class during lunch…so fun and i even sweat! and went for a bike ride with Zach that evening
Thursday – did my strength training workout at Lifecenter in the evening
Friday – ran 3 miles at lunch – OUTSIDE!
Saturday – did my strength training workout at Lifecenter.

So, my epiphany is that activity is good! And, it doesn’t always have to mean hard core running to be activity…even though it is important for me to get a decent amount of cardio in each week and i happen to prefer to run, it is important to just put activity in my life whenever and wherever I can. It helps when the weather is fantastic like it was this week, but spring has sprung and hopefully i can have lots more weeks like this!!!

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