>News Flash – fat free cheese melts!

>That’s right! I finally found fat free cheese on a rare stop at a Giant Eagle yesterday. We stopped just to pick up coffee creamer because we were out, and left with $45 worth of groceries – it always works that way, right? But their grapes looked really good, they had the double fiber English muffins, and just for fun I wanted to see if they had fat free cheese. Zach and I were going to make homemade pizzas for dinner and I’m trying to cut down on my points in any way that I can these days. I can never seem to find it at Acme for some reason, so I end up getting the reduced fat kind. Kraft came to the rescue, however! I bought it with a healthy scepticism. In the past when I’ve had fat free anything, especially cheese, it was very disappointing. It never melted completely, but just got a little soft and looked deformed enough to remind me that, yes, it is not the good stuff. So, I made my pizzas with the cheese last night, with all hope of a good outcome. Of course, I used the usual reduced fat stuff for the boys – they would have a fit if the fat free stuff turned out ugly. I was pleasantly surprised! It melted like normal cheese and tasted pretty good! It was a little stickier than the other stuff, but hey, it is all about the taste in my book. That, and it was only 1 point for 1/4 cup. YES! Here is how I made my veggie pizzas in case you are interested:

2 arnolds bread (2 points)
1/4 cup pizza sauce (1 point)
3/4 cup fat free mozz cheese (3 points)
brocolli (O points)
tomatoes (0 points)
onion (0 points)
mushrooms (0 points)

I just made them open face, shook a little bit of Italian seasoning on them and broiled them for 2-4 minutes, I think. Very good for 6 points and very filling! Added a side salad too!

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  1. >Hey, thanks for the heads up. I pretty much hate fat-free cheese (and fat-free dressing…but force myself to eat it after much label consideration.) Will have to give this a try!

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